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And a sprinkling of personal stories, opinions and non sequiturs is an exploratory pursuit to help trail runners of all abilities and experience levels. I aim to provide readers with content tailored to their interests, in a way that is easily digested. I cover topics ranging from basic trail running tips and training, overnight camping and trekking, summaries and itineraries of my favorite trail running destinations, custom field guides to help you plan your trips, and all the gear comparisons you can shake a stick at.

I’m Steve McQuaide, a seasoned runner with 20 years of experience, and has become my re-connection to running and the running community. I ran competitively through high school and college, after which I coached high school cross country and track while working in specialty running stores. Once my career took a shift to digital marketing, I was confined to a desk and computer for the majority of his day, and I got fat.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with regaining the fitness I once had and have been focused on building strength, flexibility, and building my aerobic base. The line in the sand I drew to gauge my progress was the 2014 San Diego Half Marathon, which I completed in 2 hours and 3 seconds, a far cry from my former abilities.

Recognizing that improving personal records (4:36-Mile, 16:08-5k, 26:43-8k XC, 33:48-10k) was not realistic, I’ve switched my focus to covering distance – as much as I can in the prettiest and more challenging terrain I can find. I thrived on bulk distance training while in college and I long to return to the 100 mile weeks that made mr feel invincible. Adulthood kind of makes 100 miles a week impossible, so I’ll be settling for about 60-70 MPW.

In addition to the great training, destination, and gear advice, I’ll be documenting my own training, providing opinions on running related articles I come across, and highlighting the inspirational and positive events and personalities in our sport.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!