One of my favorite online trail running personalities is Ethan Newberry AKA The Ginger Runner. He’s a super talented video blogger that has created a great brand to keep the trail running community informed, educated, and motivated. He posts weekly videos where he interviews elite level runners and brand representatives that are both entertaining and educational. He also posts a lot gear review videos where he talks pros and cons of footwear, apparel and accessories for both trail and road running.

But what I enjoy most are his films. Obviously a talented videographer/editor, Ethan creates short films to document his race experiences that really capture the beauty of trail races. He scores the soundtrack himself, too! I highly recommend you guys head over to his YouTube channel and check out his films, they’re all great and super motivating.

Recently Ethan headed out to Flagstaff, AZ for a full physical assessment at physical therapy and performance enhancement shop out there. He posted and interesting video about it, but that’s not the point of this post. On his way back from Flagstaff he and a small group of friends stopped off at the Grand Canyon for a quick little run into the canyon, which he had never been to before. The video below documents his run and experience in the canyon and made me want to throw my hydration pack in the car and start driving east immediately. I’m DEFINITELY heading out there next spring to conquer the canyon!