Death to the running streak and #Kanklegate continues…

Monday to Thursday

Waiting, resting, icing, compression and elevation. After the ankle party on Sunday night, I had to completely rest the ankle, terminating my running streak at a paltry 43 days. RIP Running Streak.

Pretty damn antsy about the whole thing (this is kind of crappy timing 7 weeks out from the race…), but managed to stay focused on recovery for the first 4 days. The swelling subsided significantly and the bruising started to set in at the base of my foot as the swelling settled. Still no sharp pain or aches.

Testing the Kankle

Friday I felt it was time to test the ankle to see how it felt with any significant stress applied. I took it easy for a 2.3 mile run on the roads, where the terrain was nice and flat. My biggest concern going into this run was not the stress of running on the joint, but how the joint would hold up on any unstable or uneven footing. I was able to hop up onto the sidewalk from the street, and back down to the street as cars approached without issue. I dunked the bastard in the ice bucket afterwards and noticed that the swelling had actually subsided significantly during the run. Thinking that a bit of blood flow to the joint and muscles around it helped move some of the fluid out of the area.

Saturday I tested it on the roads again, running an easy 4.6 at a little faster pace to see if that aggravated the joint at all. It didn’t, which was cool. Iced the crap out of it again.

Sunday I trail-tested the kankle. The route was mostly flat but still a bit rocky and slightly technical in sections. Again, my concern going into the run was not how the ankle would respond to the increased mileage, but how it would respond to uneven terrain. Again, good news – it was fine. I was able to lead the Fleet Feet Trail Warriors group around the Rose Bowl, up to Devils Gate Dam, and even tack on a couple more miles at the end. Finished with 7.2, a smile and more icing.

What’s On Deck?

I have a few goals for next week(s):

  1. Continue to build back into training. This coming week was a scheduled rest week, so I’m just going to keep that in place instead of trying to ramp back into higher volume training. Targeting about 50 miles.
  2. I’m a little concerned about the lack of really long runs during this build up. My weekly volume has been good, but I only have 3 runs over 20 miles during this training block. With 6 weeks til race day, I need to make sure I get 23+ mile runs each of the next 3 weekends.
  3. Back-to-backs: In addition to hitting the long run target, I need to follow that up with a second long(ish) run the following day. These will be between 15 and 20 miles.


Miles: 14.2

Elevation: 476 ft.

Time: 1:54:00

Run Streak: 3